Painting flowers

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In our collaborations, my wife, Myung, and I tend to prefer flowers. Firstly, because she loves doing floral arrangements, and secondly, because she does great sketches of flowers. For my part, I like the subtly of blossoms; they’re a challenge to paint, but oh so nice when you get it (close to) right. She saw a photo of these blossoms and did a quick sketch. After we discussed it, we decided the water background with the misty sky, would set them off nicely. After doing the background, I roughly painted in the limbs and main leaves. We then decided that the right side was too blank, so I roughed in some more limbs as counterpoints to the main blossoms. The next step was to start painting the flowers. I made the fill-in flowers a different color to set them off, but muted the darker color a bit to pull the big flowers into the foreground more. Leaves were roughed in at this point. More details were painted on the main blossoms and the leaves. More color added to the main blossoms. In the original photo, the flowers were white, but I like pink blossoms. While I was letting the paint dry enough on the main picture, I took a black canvas, and did this quick study. I didn’t sketch, instead, just painted in the flower a petal at a time, starting with the lightest color and then adding shadows. Same with the stems and leaves. I just painted in the light parts and then blended in the darker parts. The black canvas surface serves as a background.

Source: Painting flowers


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