Getting ready for the Trump Administration

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For the past year, as the campaign season wore on, and on, and on, and Donald Trump got tons of free publicity for his outrageous statements and churlish behavior, I lampooned him in cartoons, usually focusing on his outrageous  hair and pugnacious expressions. But, now that the Electoral College has delivered its verdict, and in mid-January, he’ll be inaugurated America’s 45th president, I decided I needed a more solid image for what I now will be a windfall of cartooning possibilities. So, with paper, pencil, eraser, and pens in hand, I repaired to my garage–which is where I do some of my best work–and began creating my official caricature of our next president. I always make the heads big, and it’s more than appropriate for this particular subject. Notice the small  hands and feet–if you followed the GOP primary campaign, you’ll get the significance of this. Next, I started sketching in some of the details; the hair and the pugnacious expression–with the yu-u-u-uge mouth. Next comes the inking in. Followed by shading to round it out. The dark face with the raccoon eyes from the tanning, the small hands and feet, and despite the claim of being the’healthiest man ever to run for president,’ if you look close you’ll see he’s a bit pudgy, so my DT will be a chubbo. I was done, and then I remembered that cap with the’Make America Great Again’ slogan. It’s fuzzy here because it was getting cold in my garage (it’s below freezing here in DC right now) and I was in a hurry to get inside and get my hands warmed up. But, here he is, folks. You’re likely to be seeing a lot of this character here in the coming months.

Source: Getting ready for the Trump Administration


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