Getting ready for the holidays

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I’m not much for the holidays, but I do like watching my grandchildren enjoy themselves. My wife and I usually spend Christmas with them, delighting in watching them open their presents. They’re off this year to spend the holiday with their paternal grandpa, so we decided to do a special early celebration.The first thing we did was clean out their garage, so Santa wouldn’t have to squeeze down their chimney which is undergoing renovation. Samantha (Sammie) gets close to her work. While Catherine (Catie) does the outside work. Thomas (Tommy) quietly supervises. My wife, Myung, and daughter, Denise, do the big stuff. What am I doing, you ask? Why, I’m the brain behind the camera.After getting the garage spic and span, we were off to a Thai restaurant for a Christmas lunch. I know, that sounds strange, but we spent a lot of our lives in the Far East, and have some strange eating habits. Tommy and Catie liked the food, but were more interested in the Christmas tree. Big sister, Sammie, points out the star on top.And then, those last sips of our drink before we pile in the car and head home.

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One thought on “Getting ready for the holidays

    Yvonne Hertzberger said:
    December 17, 2016 at 2:54 pm

    It’s all about the kids for me, too.


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