Cameroon: Central African Destination

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In May, 2013, a Canadian magazine invited me on a press tour of the Central African country of Cameroon. Part of the trip was to cover National Day festivities in the capital, Yaounde, but we also got a chance to see a lot of the countryside, including a Simian Conservation facility near the capital, and the port city of Douala. Once a German colony, after the defeat of Germany in WWII, it was jointly administered by France and England, resulting in French and English being the two official languages, and with some regions speaking English along with the tribal languages, and others speaking French; although nationwide, French dominates. Douala is a market center, with traders from neighboring countries coming in daily to ply hawk their wares. As you can see from the following photos, it is also a picturesque place. Independence Monument in Yaounde. Like Rome, Yaounde is surrounded by seven hills. This is a view of the city from one of them. Market in Yaounde. An old shopkeeper in Yaounde. A couple enjoying the view of the city below.

Source: Cameroon: Central African Destination


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