Review of ‘Isolated’

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Jason King is a Special Forces black ops soldier, tired of killing and being shot at, who has traveled to rural Australia to get away from it all. While walking toward the little town of Jameson, he witnesses two laborers being professionally assassinated. The killers spot him, and he’s forced to kill them. Once in Jameson, he becomes involved in what he thinks is a threat against the locals, only to discover that the real target of the mysterious people behind the killings is . . . him.

Isolated by Matt Rogers is a high-octane thriller with loads of bloody, kinetic action, and a taste of human interest. King is an enigmatic character, flawed, but all too human beneath a cold exterior. The dialogue’s a bit forced in places—King uses UK/Aussie English, such as things are different ‘to’ rather than different ‘from’—and the action is clearly fictional, much like thriller movies or kung fu flics where characters do things that are physically impossible in the real world. But, it is fiction after all, and if you like adventure that’s over the top, you’ll like it. I did.

I received a free copy of this book.

I give it four stars.


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