Review of ‘Momentary Stasis’

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Sergeant Jack Grimes is a Special Forces soldier who knows no other way to live in a world ruled by super corporations with access to alien technology and no regard for human life. When a mission to eliminate a group of assassins goes awry, Jack must reassess his career choices. Dragooned into the intelligence corps and forced to work with his old flame, Jack faces some of the most crucial decisions of his life. Questions of loyalty and love are addressed as Jack struggles with feelings for his old flame and love for his wife, and as he has to deal with traitors in the band of men he’d called brothers in arms.

Momentary Stasis by P.R. Adams is set over half a century in the future, but the underlying themes apply well to our present day. Unbridled greed and a lust for power are at the root of most of the troubles Jack must face. A gritty novel of futuristic military intrigue with a strong contemporary flavor. This one’s a keeper that I give four stars to.


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