Review of ‘Sacred Planet’

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After centuries of expansion into space, humanity is divided into three groups; Orion, Carina, and Sagittarius; that have grown apart from each other. A radical religious faction on Carina is threatening to plunge the galaxy into war. The only thing standing in their way is Sierra Falco, the Carinian prime minister’s daughter, a staunch advocate for peace. The faction plots to kill her by attacking her space ship, but she’s saved by a rag tag bunch of space scavengers, led by Davin, captain of the scavenger vessel, Fossa. Motivated by profit, Davin finds himself at war with his conscience as he grows close to Sierra. His feelings for her propel him into the midst of a galactic struggle, and only Earth, the sacred planet, holds the key to peace.

Sacred Planet by Austin Rogers is a wide-ranging, epic tale of intergalactic struggle between powerful empires, with only a few valiant individuals who must fight to keep the peace. An interesting story, it is difficult to follow in places as it switches from faction to faction. The cast of characters is to vast to keep track of, and the ending leaves the reader in suspense.

This is the first book in a series, and I hope the author will tie up many of the loose ends in subsequent offerings. Some interesting action and human interest, but it’s just too busy for me. I received a free copy of this book, and was only mildly disappointed in it. I give it three stars.


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