Review of ‘Tipping Point’

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Joe Hawkins was a terrorism analyst for the State Department, and Kate Farrow was a psychiatrist for MI6. Kate helped Joe escape from the clutches of a rogue MI6 director who was torturing him to retrieve information Joe’s late brother had obtained about the machinations of two large US corporations to manipulate public knowledge about climate change, information that threatened the positions of rich and powerful people bent on maintaining their hold on power.

When Joe and Kate learn of an even deadlier plot being hatched by Mandrake Resources, a powerful oil company, and Baexter Technologies, an arms company, that could mean the deaths of many innocent people, they leave their hideaway and travel to California where Green Way, an environmental group focused on the threat of climate change, might just hold the key to finally exposing Mandrake and Baexter.

Tipping Point by Tomas Byrne is a taut eco-thriller that takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of intrigue and suspense from coastal California to the Dakota badlands to the lights of Paris. Corporate greed and government corruption at the highest levels pitted against the efforts of dedicated individuals keep you on tenterhooks as Joe and Kate fight valiantly to thwart a plan designed to solidify the ‘one-percent’s’ control over the world. Elements of the mysticism of the Lakota and other Native American peoples are woven in with the backroom maneuvering of those for whom power is the only currency in a story that could very well be a narrative describing what goes on in the real world.

I received an advance reader copy of this book.

I give it four stars.


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