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Creative collaborations are not new; writers do it all the time. One of my favorite authors, James Patterson, does whole series with different co-authors. Where I had not thought of collaboration, though, was creative graphic arts, such as paintings, until my wife, Myung strong-armed me into it. A Korean by birth, she’s into group-think as opposed to my unbridled Texas individualism. She’s a good sketch artist, though, with a natural talent for copying things. She decided to take an art class at a local community center, taught by a well-known Korean artist, and discovered that she’s not as confident about applying color to canvas or paper as she’d like to be. So, naturally, she suggested that I do the coloring of her sketches. I was reluctant at first, but since I was back into painting at the time, and some of her sketches were quite nice, I decided to go along. The first one we did actually turned out quite nice, but the process was not without its travails and bumpy spots. For instance, she comes along when I’m just doing the under painting and complains about the color scheme, taking up precious time while I explain that this is just an under painting, not the final colors. After I’m done, or almost done, she will inevitably want something changed–much like when we rearrange the furniture. Sometimes I do it, sometimes I dig in my heels and refuse.Her fellow students, and her art teacher, have all given their seal of approval to the resulting work, so maybe we’ve got something going here. Her original sketch didn’t have the bud at the top left. I thought it added better balance to the piece. I added the background trees and changed the clumps of flowers around. Her linear perspective was a tad off, but I corrected it. Then, after I was done, she wanted the little curve in the far end of the bridge. Not sure it adds anything to the picture, but it doesn’t hurt. She did this self portrait from an old photo I took. I added the beret and we mutually agreed on the color of beret and coat. We’re still arguing over this one. She wanted more fish and leaves floating on the water – I refused. Our daughter settled the argument by saying that she loved it like it is.

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