Day: November 30, 2016


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Flowers, beautiful creations, designed to attract insects that help them pollinate and survive. Absorbing CO2 and sending life-giving oxygen back into the atmosphere – not as much as trees, but still they do their part.The thing that flowers do best, however, is they just add so much beauty to what would otherwise be a bland environment. They add a nice odor to the air, and they just make you feel good to be alive. Pink blossoms, so inviting. Kind of brings to mind the holidays. A feast for the eyes. Mysterious. So pristine, so pure.

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Review of ‘Three Fat Singletons’

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I received a free e-book copy of J.M. Bartholomew’s Three Fat Singletons, a story of three women, unattached, overweight, and pushing 40, as they wrestle with trying to find love in a world that undervalues certain body types. Jesse, Dotty, and Mary, other than age and weight, are as different as three people can be, but they’re drawn inextricably together as they explore London’s fat underground, internet dating, and obsession with dying alone. They’re drawn again and again to Greece where they explore the boundaries of behavior.

I had a hard time getting into this story, although it did have its moments. The relationship among the three women, Jesse the man eater; Mary, the divorced Catholic, and Dotty, the religious virgin, is hard to understand. One has to persevere, though, as it becomes almost clear about the midpoint. Some parts of the book drag on, it seems, forever, while others whiz by at the speed of light.

In the end, it was mildly interesting, even if the characters did come off as a bit vapid and self-absorbed. I give it three and a half stars.