Day: November 27, 2016

Review of ‘So Damn Lucky’

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For Lucky O’Toole, head of customer relations for Babylon, a mega-casino in Las Vegas, things could be going better. A magician she’s booked for an act in the casino apparently dies during his act, and the body disappears. Her boyfriend, Teddie, is on tour with a rock star, and becoming increasingly distant. She’s having issues with the Big Boss, owner of the Babylon, who also happens to be her dad. And, all of this is before lunch.

In Deborah Coonts’ So Damn Lucky, the sometimes hapless, always overworked, Lucky O’Toole is hell bent on finding the missing magician, settling her increasingly distant relationship with the peripatetic Teddie, and resolving her daddy issues. Of course, the latter is complicated by her mother, Mona, who has moved in with the Big Boss and is now expecting his child. The Big Boss, on the other hand, is pressing Lucky for advice on how to propose to Mona so he can finally make an honest woman out of her—something that Lucky knows is impossible.

If you think these challenges are enough for one mortal to bear, you don’t know Lucky . . . or Vegas. She also has two men sniffing around her, and is tempted to sniff back. Paxton Dane, the hunky Texan who works for the gaming commission and the new French chef are both making moves, and to complicate matters, Teddie returns to Vegas. While balancing all this, Lucky has to deal with UFO nuts, a couple experimenting to add excitement to their lives, and a group of magicians trying to solve a decades-old murder connected with the secretive Area 51, located in the desert near Las Vegas.

If you’ve never read a Lucky O’Toole novel before, I can promise you that you’ll be hooked after reading this one, which is the third in the series, and you’ll be scrambling to get the first two to get to know our hero (one would never use the feminine version of a title to describe Lucky) a bit better. Coonts has a magical way with dialogue and description (yeah, the pun was intended) as she describes the denizens and dives of the glitter capital of the world.

I received this book as a gift.  I give it five stars!