Review of ‘From Ice to Ashes’

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Born on Titan, the moon of Saturn, Kale Drayton is a Ringer—people born in the low-gee environment of Titan. A humble laborer, he just wants to get by. He puts up with abuse from his employers, the Earthers, and scorn from his fellow Ringers, until his mother becomes sick and is quarantined. When he’s offered a job that on the surface appears to be nothing but some rather innocent smuggling, he takes it, but soon finds out that his new employers are more dangerous than he thought, and that what they have in mind for him will change his life forever; if it doesn’t end it.

From Ice to Ashes by Rhettt C. Bruno is a riveting space drama that uses the medium of sci-fi to address social issues that are pertinent to Earth of our present time. The characters are well developed and the reader can’t help but identify with poor Kale, as he is torn between his desire to be left alone and the call to fulfill his destiny.

You don’t get bogged down trying to understand esoteric technology, or pronouncing impossible alien names—all of the characters are human, or at least descended from humans, but are as different from each other as humanoids are from arachnids because of their environment. Move the action from Titan to Tampa, reduce the technology to twenty-first century, and you could be reading about events transpiring right now. That’s how good sci-fi is supposed to work. When you can identify with the characters and situations, suspension of disbelief is a breeze. But, do yourself a favor; don’t breeze through this one. Savor it.

I received an advanced reader copy of this book. If you want a good read, grab this book as soon as it is available.

I give it five stars.


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