Day: November 11, 2016

Review of ‘Enemy of Man’

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Kin Roland is a hunted man. Wanted by Earth Fleet for failing to complete his mission to destroy the Reaper World, and hunted by Droon, a Reaper, who wants to be the Reaper to find the last man, Ro-lan-da, he has made his home on a lost planet near an unstable wormhole. Outside, the epic space battles still rage, but when the wormhole deposits, not only elements of Earth Fleet, but Droon, Roland is forced to fight to save the people of his planet, people he has vowed to protect.

Enemy of Man by Scott Moon is the first of a series. The author skillfully merges the viewpoint of Roland, a skilled space warrior, nor exile, with the alien viewpoint of Droon, who, now that he has shared Roland’s blood, is changing into something else. The intricate relationships among the diverse cast of characters, and the squad level battles keep the action flowing, not in a straight line, but in a twisted matrix of high-tech, futuristic, but ultimately personally driven way.

While technology is featured prominently in this story, it is the personal element; the individual against long odds, as well as against personal demons, that really drives the story.

A thoroughly interesting and entertaining read. I received an advanced reader copy of this book.

A good start to what promises to be a great series. I give this one four stars.