Review of ‘Dead Spark’

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During an epic battle with the Dragon, Faz Pound, ace Dark Magic Enforcer, and Dancer, Head of the UK Council, were bitten by zombies. Infected now and on the verge of becoming two more of the undead, Faz and Dancer are making a mad dash to find a mysterious woman that Dancer knows who can cure them. Unfortunately, they’re also pursued by Wyrmlings bent on exacting revenge against Dancer for something he did ages ago.

Dead Spark, the seventh book in Al K. Line’s Dark Magic Enforcer series, is a heart-throbbing adventure as the two heroes race against time to cure themselves before they become dangerous to the ones they love. But, it is the ones they love who must help them in their quest. This is one of the more adventurous of the series, with tons of action on every page, and just enough obstacles in the way to make the reader unsure that they will succeed. An interesting twist is added when the mysterious woman turns out to be Amber, claiming to be Faz’s daughter from his long-dead wife, and I won’t spoil it for readers by explaining how that turns out.

If this is your first Dark Magic Enforcer book, I strongly encourage you to go back to book one and catch up. Not, mind you, that you need to do that in order to enjoy this one. It pretty much stands on its on as a fantastic fantasy. Magic and mayhem aplenty will keep you thrilled from page one to the last.

I received an advanced reader copy of this book.

Once I started reading, I skipped lunch to finish it. I give this one five stars!


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