Day: November 8, 2016

Review of ‘Imago’

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Nothing much ever happens in the sleepy little town of Abbeyford, so when Detective Sergeant Kate Redman and her partner, DS mark Olbeck get a call about a murdered woman in a derelict part of town, they expect to wrap the case up quickly. It turns out, though, to be a puzzler, complicated by Kate’s growing attraction to her boss, Detective Chief Inspector Anderton. Then, more bodies start turning up, and they’re faced with the prospect that a serial killer is on the loose, and race against the clock to try and stop the killer before the bodies pile too high.

Imago by Celina Grace is a heart-pounding mystery that will get your blood pumping from the very first page. The author does an amazing job of planting just enough clues to make astute readers think they’ve solved the mystery, only to jink off in another direction, leaving you wondering, until the (to me at least) surprising conclusion. I didn’t feel cheated, though, because the clues were there all along; the author just relied on reader bias to keep the answer hidden until the very last.

Mystery at its very finest.

This book was a gift.

I give it five stars.