Day: November 5, 2016

Review of ‘Arctic Wargame’

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After a botched job in Libya, Canadian Secret Intelligence Agent, Justin Hall, has been demoted to a desk job. When reports come in of unidentified icebreakers in Canadian waters in the Arctic, Hall wangles himself on the mission to scout and find out who they belong to. His partner, Carrie, and two outsiders are sent as part of his team. They suspect the ships belong to either Russia or the U.S., both countries often challenging Canada’s sovereignty in the region, but are surprised to learn that they belong, in fact, to Denmark, and that the Danes are planning a military invasion in the Arctic under the guise of an exercise.

Arctic Wargame by Ethan Jones is book one in the Justin Hall spy thriller series. Though the pace and narrative are a bit choppy, the action is nonstop. Hall is the Canadian version of 007 with a bit of Rambo thrown in for good measure. Unlike many books in this genre, the female characters are neither femme fatales nor shrinking violets; they can kick butt with the best of them.

This story has a bit of everything that goes into a good thriller; intrigue and betrayal, lots of kinetic action, and a hint of romance. Thrown in for good measure is a subtle hint that the main protagonist has some family problem that motivates him—would have been interesting to know more detail, which will hopefully come out in the next book.

I received an advanced reader copy of this book.

I give this one three stars. The series has potential, which will hopefully shine through in the sequels.