Review of ‘Lucky Stiff’

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For Lucky O’Toole, head of customer relations for the extravagant Babylon Casino and Spa in Las Vegas, it started out as a routine night; routine that is until a semi overturned on the strip and unleashed thousands of angry bees on the unsuspecting revelers. For Lucky, the night then went from bad to worse. The partially eaten body of Numbers Neidermeyer, a Vegas odds maker, is found in the Babylon’s shark tank, her mother, Mona, proprietor of a bordello in a small town near Vegas has decided to auction off a young woman’s virginity, and Teddie, Lucky’s love interest, has been offered a record deal in Los Angeles, taking him away just when their relationship was reaching a hot point—hot in a good way.

Just in case you think things couldn’t get any worse than that, the hotshot DA has decided that Lucky’s friend, an Aussie PI who is her chief assistant’s love interest, is the prime suspect in the case of the unfortunate demise of Numbers.

Lucky has her hands full as she tries to prove her friend’s innocence, keep her mother from making a terrible mistake, and keep herself from becoming the next victim.

Lucky Stiff by Deborah Coonts shows a side of Las Vegas that tourists rub up against but never see. Lucky O’Toole is not your run-of-the-mill mystery heroine. She’s a woman with flaws, most of which she readily admits to, but she never lets them keep her from getting the job done. This book will make you laugh and cry—all at the same time.

I received Lucky Stiff as a gift.  I give Coonts five stars for this one.


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