Review of ‘Thieves & Wizards’

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The Forlorn Dagger, forged from the stuff of stars, is the only weapon that can kill wizards. It’s been missing for centuries until it shows up in a mysterious collector’s library. Then, Stin, a cunning thief, steals it—unaware of its powers. Stin’s path then crosses with a group of wizards, young princesses training for their destiny, and a young prince out to reclaim his stolen throne. Under the leadership of the wizard, Greystone, Trant, the prince, and a young princess training to become a war maiden, go head to head with Darkstone, a rogue wizard bent on conquest.

Thieves and Wizards by Jaxon Reed is an epic fantasy that spans characters, kingdoms, and times as smoothly as a well-cast spell. Unlike toys that are ‘batteries not included,’ this story has a bit of everything; intrigue, skullduggery, humor, romance, and battle scenes that make the ‘Star Wars’ fight against the Death Star seem mild by comparison.

You don’t have to be a fan of the fantasy genre to enjoy this story; you just have to like a well-told tale.

I received an advanced review copy of this book.

I give it four stars.


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