Review of ‘Kill Switch’

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Tess Williams looks like any other American tourist in Krakow, but she has a deadly secret. When she meets Elena Petrescu, who saw her demolish a gang of thugs who were attacking an English tourist and his Polish girlfriend, she’s asked to help the sick woman find her missing daughter, Catalina. Tess doesn’t want to be distracted from her main goal, which is getting back to New York, but the woman’s story is compelling, so she takes the case on. Tess and Elena are plunged into Krakow’s seamy underworld of prostitution, murder, and human trafficking in their almost impossible quest. Can they find Catalina before she disappears in some unnamed foreign land? Or, will they die in the effort?

Tess has the ability to switch from innocent-looking tourist to cold-hearted killer in a heartbeat, and in her search for Catalina, the body count mounts.

Kill Switch by Jack N. Lee introduces a new kind of main female character. She’s not affiliated with any agency, but roams alone, exacting vengeance on those who consider themselves above the law, dealing death with merciless efficiency.

The theme is fantastic, and up to a point, the character is compelling. Unfortunately, not enough of Tess’s back story is given to make sense of what she does, how she developed her killing skills, and what her ultimate goal is. After so many pages of bloodshed and bodies, the ending was disappointing. A bit of a cliffhanger can be tolerated, but this story’s ending was left hanging like an overripe fruit just out of reach.

Maybe the sequels will be better, but I give this one three stars.


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