Review of ‘Red Gold’

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With his beloved wife dead, Professor Gabriel McKenna is adrift. When he receives a notice that a distant aunt has died and left him as sole inheritor of her estate, he leaves New York City and travels to New Mexico. Once there, he’s drawn into an ancient search for a missing gold horde, the Lost Adams Gold, which has cost many lives. His family’s secrets are the key to finding the gold, but there are powerful forces arrayed against him, and there are few people he can trust. Friends from his past come to his aid, but ultimately, it is left to him to decide whether he will find, not just the lost gold, but his capacity to live and love.

Red Gold by Richard D. Kidera takes the reader into the sometimes forbidding terrain of New Mexico, painting in vibrant colors the landscape, culture and history of this exotic locale. The action, even when it’s just McKenna wrestling with his inner demons, is palpable. Kidera is a master wordsmith, who can make you feel the stinging grit of a desert windstorm, and smell the smoke from a cabin fire.

McKenna is a bit older than your average hero, but he’s no less interesting, and this story will grip your imagination and be with you long after you finish reading.

I received this book as a gift. I give it five stars!


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