Review of ‘God Saw a Butterfly’

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God Saw a Butterfly by Theresa Chaze is an inspirational parable about Shylon, a butterfly, following her from her time as an egg, through her pupal stage, and to her emergence as a butterfly. Beset by doubts and uncertain of her purpose and identity, Shylon almost lets anger overcome her, but in the end, comes to terms with the cycle of life with the occasional voice of Mother, not to guide her, but to help her see that she makes  her own way through life.

Based loosely on the parable, ‘Where a caterpillar sees death, God sees a butterfly,’ this engaging story is life in a microcosm. Through the humble eyes of a lesser creature, the reader is shown the miracle of life. Despite a few annoying typographical errors, I found this story inspiring and uplifting. The author shows with amazing skill that even the smallest of creatures has something to teach us all.

I received this book free in exchange for my unbiased review. I give it four stars.


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