Review of ‘Keeping with Killers’

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Blake Salinger led a normal, some might even say boring, life as a salesman in London, until one day he’s arrested and charged with killing his father. He’s helped to escape from police custody by a mysterious man with white hair, and the two of them embark upon a madcap journey, trying to evade the police and the mysterious organization that Blake’s father worked for. Blake’s life is turned upside down. He learns that his father, rather than being a staid accountant, is actually a government assassin, his stepmother has framed him for his father’s death, and Greg, the mysterious man who helped free him from the police, has his own agenda.

Keeping with Killers by Adam Nichols is an interesting read. It has a number of chase scenes, fight scenes, and daring escapes, and keeps you guessing as to who the bad guys are. Police procedure is weak, and some of the ‘escapes’ defy logic. The mysterious organization and its devious chief are never identified or satisfactorily explained. These, though, are minor weaknesses. The story is fast-paced, if populated by a few too many characters, and interesting, and like most action-adventure movies, it’s not meant to represent real life. This is, like the ‘Fast and Furious’ movies, meant to be entertaining, and in that regard, it achieves its aim.

I give the author three and a half stars for this book.


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