Review of ‘One More Day’

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Carrie Morgan turned away for a few seconds to find change for the parking meter. In that short span of time, her son disappeared from the car. Then, 15 months later, he showed back up, at home in his crib, completely unchanged—even wearing the same clothing, only to disappear again after 24 hours. Carrie was sure that would happen, but her husband and friends thinks she’s lost her marbles, and the police are looking at her as a suspect. The suspicion deepens when the child’s body is found in a pond near their house. Carrie has a secret, one that she’s not sure she can share with anyone. She knew that she had only ‘one more day’ with her child because she had prayed for it. She also knows that she’s being visited by spirits of the dead, and one of those spirits brings her news of a secret from her past that even she didn’t know the whole of.

One More Day by Kelly Simmons is an eerie story of loss, hope, and redemption. You’re taken into the mind of the main character, and the author’s skill with the language makes it possible to believe in ghosts.

A captivating read. I received this book as a gift. I give it four stars.


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