Review of ‘Molding Men’

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In 1907, an occult sect raised a swastika flag and summoned the ‘New Man.’ The Historian answered their call, setting in motion events that would echo down through the ages. In 1942, Theo Engel is running an aircraft parts factory, struggling to keep up with the demands of the Nazi Party, while his young son is off at the Russian front. The Historian shows up, manipulating events, but to what end?

Molding Men by Ray Ronan is a dark, historical thriller with elements of the supernatural entwined seamlessly with actual historical events. The Historian is an enigmatic character, whose motivations are never made quite clear, while at the same time, his actions have a dramatic impact on those with whom he comes into contact. The author does a masterful job of linking the supernatural with historically-known events in a way that has a ring of authenticity given the known obsession many top level Nazis, Hitler included, had with the occult.

As you read this story, you’ll look at events of the past in a new light. Good fiction requires the ability to suspend disbelief, and Ronan has managed that with undeniable skill. Events that are well-recorded by history, but little understood, are given an alternate, and almost believable, way.

The author never clearly explains the history or origins of the Historian, which in most cases, would be a negative mark on a story. But, in this finely crafted thriller, it only adds to the mystery.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. I give it five stars.


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