Review of ‘Stand Your Ground’

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Torsten Dahl is an ex-Swedish Special Forces warrior, now working for a U.S. Government agency. He is trying to keep his marriage together by taking a much-needed vacation to Barbados with his wife and two daughters. In the airport, just prior to departure, he spots his most dreaded enemy, Grant the Facilitator, a man famous for brokering death and destruction everywhere he goes, and who has sworn vengeance against Dahl for the deaths of his family as a result of an operation with the Russian mob that Dahl and his team thwarted.

In Barbados, Dahl discovers that not only is Grant after him, but the head of a Mexican drug cartel is after him as well, to avenge the death of his brother in a raid by Dahl’s team.

Struggling to keep his marriage together, Dahl must also struggle with the conflict between being a husband and father and his instincts as a warrior. The two come together when he has to fight to keep his family alive, and at the same time end a deadly conspiracy that the Facilitator has brokered between the drug lord and the crooked prime minister.

Stand Your Ground by David Leadbeater is nonstop action from page one, as Dahl and his family learn one immutable truth; when your family is threatened, you have but one choice—stand your ground. The story doesn’t unwind, it snaps like a broken violin string, catching the reader up in the action as the good guys struggle to stay alive against almost impossible odds.

This is the first in the Torsten Dahl series, with promise of even greater adventures to come. It sucks you in and grabs you by the throat like a leopard catching unwary prey, and shakes you until the end, when you’ll find yourself gasping for breath.

Four stars!


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