Review of ‘Catalyst Moon: Incursion’

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In Aredia, magic is feared, and specially-protected sentinels keep mages, those capable of wielding magic, under strict control. Kali, a young mage, crippled from birth, is on her way to get special medical treatment. She is under the watchful eye of a company of sentinels, among them, Stonewall, a man sworn to protect Aredia from the very magic that Kali possesses. When they’re attacked by demon-possessed bandits, Kali uses her magic to whisk herself and Stonewall away from danger. In the meantime, those mages still under guard are moving to gain their freedom, precipitating a conflict with their sentinel guards. Kali and Stonewall must learn to trust each other despite the gulf that separates them, if they are to survive.

Catalyst Moon: Incursion by Laurel C. Garcia is an interesting story as it moves among the characters, exploring their backgrounds and motivations, in a riveting story that moves like an avalanche toward an explosive confrontation. The author takes us inside the minds of the characters as they contend with the cataclysmic changes occurring in their world, and we watch the slow process of learning to respect differences unfold. This is a hard book to categorize; it’s a paranormal adventure, a love story, and a thriller that offers enlightenment in the complexities of interpersonal relations and power politics.

Once you start reading, it’s almost impossible to put it down until you reach the end; and it leaves you wondering—what next for Kali and Stonewall?

This one gets four stars.


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