Review of ‘Wanna Get Lucky?’

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When a young woman plunges to her death from a tour helicopter and lands in the middle of a casino’s outdoor show, everyone writes h er off as just another ‘Vegas’ casualty. Not so Lucky O’Toole, customer relations manager for the Babylon Casino—she suspects foul play. Despite having a killer schedule, Lucky sets out to find out what actually happened. Central to her investigation is Paxton Dane, a newly hired member of Babylon’s security office, but he seems to be holding something back, and is always showing up at the strangest times and places. As if the investigation and her work aren’t enough, she has to deal with her enigmatic boss, a mother who runs a brothel, and a neighbor, a female impersonator, who wants their friendship taken to another, more intimate level.

Wanna Get Lucky? By Deborah Coonts is a suspenseful, but rollicking, romp through the hedonistic playground that is Las Vegas, and lays to rest the old chestnut, ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. The author paints a vivid picture of the people and the place, weaving humor into deadly events with masterful skill. After reading this, you’ll never think of Vegas in the same way again.

I give this first book in the series four stars. I’m sure it can only get better.


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