Review of ‘Eleven’

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Brandon Fisher always wanted to be an FBI agent. He’s achieved his dream, and is now a probationer in the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, under the tutelage of Supervisory Special Agent Jack Harper, something of a legend within the bureau. Their first case together involves the discovery of ten corpses and eleven graves in an underground crypt under a trailer in Salt Like, Kentucky. The method of murder and burial arrangements, along with the one empty grave, mark this as an unusual case; made even more unusual because the owner of the trailer is currently in prison for assault.

Fisher and his team have to deal with the close-knit sense of community in a small town, and the devious nature of Lance Bingham, a man they know is the killer, but who was in prison during at least one of the murders. Bingham then begins playing a game of cat and mouse with Fisher, marking him as the next target.

Eleven by Carolyn Arnold is a tense police procedural that will keep you reading, and guessing, from start to finish, as the FBI, and Fisher, race against time to catch Bingham’s elusive accomplice. Lots of red herrings, false trails, and intense interpersonal encounters, along with a pretty detailed and accurate account of police procedure make this a book that should be on every thriller fan’s to-read list.

I give Arnold five stars for this, the first in the series. She’s off to a great start!

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