Day: September 16, 2016

Review of ‘Mr. Mercedes’

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In the chilly, predawn hours in an economically depressed city, hundreds of people are lined up to apply for jobs at the City Center complex. Suddenly, a Mercedes emerges from the fog and plows into the crowd of job seekers, killing 8 and seriously injuring many others. The assailant is never identified.

A year later, retired police detective Bill Hodges receives a taunting missive from the man known as the Mercedes Killer. This was one of the few cases Hodges had been unable to solve before hanging up his badge, and it haunts him. He decides to freelance and go after him.

Brady Hartfield, a cold, calculating sociopath, lives with his alcoholic, manipulative mother. The rush he experienced after using an automobile as a murder weapon, and getting away with it, is unlike anything he’s ever before experienced, and he desperately wants to feel it again.

Hartfield’s need and Hodges desire for closure set the two on a collision course. Cut off from police resources, Hodges must rely on two unusual allies to prevent Hartfield from committing a crime that will make the Mercedes killing look small in comparison.

Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King, is book one in the Bill Hodges Trilogy. A taut mystery, without a hint of the supernatural, but with enough tension, action and drama to satisfy the most jaded reader, this book proves that King can write in any genre—and write he does. He takes us inside the minds of two men who are in many ways polar opposites, and in some ways the same; driven. Even though you know who the bad guy is, King’s mastery of the language keeps you guessing as to what happens next until it happens. I read the second book in this trilogy first, and it included a lot of reference to this story, but I was still surprised as events unfolded.

I received this book as a gift. I give it five stars!