Review of ‘Aurora Skye: Vampire Hunter’

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Eighteen-year-old Aurora Skye only wants one thing, to graduate from high school and get the heck as far away from Alaska as she can. An unfortunate auto accident changes all that. Taken to a nearby military base, where she is given new organs to save her life, it’s discovered that she has special blood—blood that the government can use to combat the plague of vampires infecting our northernmost state. In order to save her daughter, Aurora’s mother signs her over to the government, who, after infecting her with a cocktail of viruses, trains her to be a vampire hunter. With her special blood and the viruses in her body, Aurora can paralyze any vampire who bites her, but she must then kill them herself.

After training, she finds that she can kill, but her new-found commitment is tested to its limits when she discovers that the boy in her high school to whom she’s attracted is a vampire. Love and duty war within Aurora as she becomes ever more proficient in her job. Worse, she’s not sure what she has become.

Aurora Skye: Vampire Hunter by Nikki Jefford, even though it has mostly teens as the principal characters, is not a book for young readers. This is a gritty, in your face story for people who like their action hard core. Characters are believable, even the vampires and witches—yes, it has them too—and the action is bloody. There are a few scenes that are a bit overblown, but given the premise of this story, that’s probably to be expected. At least, it stays away from the old myths about vampires not having reflections or being able to go out during daylight hours, which makes them all the more believable . . . and frightening.

I give this one five stars.


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