Review of ‘The Law’

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Tancredi Gilmor is a Scholar, one of the lawgivers of the Tribunal of Ahthaza, the home planet of the Kritas, a race subjugated by humans. When the rules governing the Kritas are tightened and oppression increases, Tancredi finds himself conflicted, as an official he should enforce the rules, but as a human, he has compassion for the oppressed. His conflicted behavior comes to the attention of Mekte, a Krita who is part of the resistance to the humans. When his compassion lands him in trouble with his own bosses, Tancredi finds himself thrust into Mekte’s world.

While the resistance appears to be overwhelmed by the might of the marines sent against them, Tancredi’s presence in their midst changes the equation, drastically.

The Law by Massimo Marino is an epic tale that narrates events that take place in the galactic order that emerged from the author’s Daimones trilogy. Humans and Kritas, while not physically different, are culturally and psychologically as alike as water and fire. The author shows these differences, and the difficulty Tancredi and Mekte face to overcome them, exceptionally well. A cast of amazing characters involved in galaxy-changing events are shown as distinct, uniquely-motivated individuals. Marino’s world building is first rate.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.  I give this book four stars.


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