Review of ‘Beach Town Boogie’

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Cass Destry, a PI, lives the simple life on Galveston Beach until she’s stalked, attacked, and then assigned to a murder investigation by her boss, Bob Reed, all in the same week. Her job is to prove that their client, Brandon Wells, didn’t kill his wife—hard enough to do ordinarily, but extremely difficult when someone has you targeted for murder.

Beach Town Boogie by Bert Hopkins, Jr. is a hip, fast-paced mystery that follows Cass as she tracks down leads, most of them pointing to the client’s guilt, until something doesn’t quite fit. At the same time, she has to deal with family problems; a father teetering on the edge of dementia, and personal problems; no sex life to speak of. Cass is not your usual female PI. She’s not even sure why she became a PI, she’s pretty good at martial arts, and good with a gun.

Fun reading, with lots of action, a bit of whimsy, and enough human drama to please a broad variety of reading tastes.

The author has an annoying habit of switching from past to present tense within chapters, which in a story that’s this good is a bit too jarring. I give it three stars.


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