Review of ‘Tonight and Always’

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Anthropologist Kasey Wyatt signs on to help bestselling novelist Jordan Taylor do a book about the Plains Indians. Easy-going, spontaneous Kasey finds the highly structured environment of the Taylor household stifling. Jordan appears to have a tight lid on his emotions, his niece and ward is a shy, lonely girl, and Jordan’s mother is a harridan who dislikes Kasey at first sight. Introducing the volatile Kasey into this staid, dysfunctional mix, though, creates reverberations that have a profound impact on the Taylor household.

Tonight and Always by bestselling novelist Nora Roberts is a short but compelling story that follows the year-long collaboration between Kasey and Jordan, that switches back and forth between the two of them as point of view characters—strangely and sometimes confusingly, in the same chapter at times. Not what one would expect from a writer of Roberts caliber. That, however, is probably the only negative thing I have to say about this story of love between polar opposites, a relationship that has three strikes against it before it even gets started. Nothing about the characters at the outset says ‘romance,’ yet somehow Roberts makes it work, which shows the writer she was to become.

This is one of the author’s early stories, written before she’d really honed her craft, so I am willing to forgive some of the amateurish stylisms, such as head hopping and two-plus dimensional characters.

I received this book as a gift. I’m a Nora Roberts fan, but I can only give this one three stars.


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