Review of ‘Broken Elements’

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Aidan Brook is an Elemental, a being who can manipulate the elements with ease, in her case, water. But, one night in Lake Tahoe, when she and her friend, Sera, a fire elemental, were trying to trap a serial killer, her power failed, with fatal consequences. For years, Aidan tried to run away from her past, retreating to a lonely house in Oregon, but when a close friend is brutally murdered—by what appears to be the serial killer she and Sera vanquished—Aidan is drawn back to Lake Tahoe and her past. She and Sera begin the process of mending their broken relationship, and she finds that there is more to the world of non-humans than she’d been led to believe. With a serial killer now focused on her, two FBI agents determined to find out just what the hell’s going on, and her own feelings about life and love bubbling close to the surface, Aidan must learn to control her power if she and her friends are to survive.

Broken Elements is the first book in the Elements series by Mia Marshall. It follows the exploits of Aidan Brook and her Elemental friends as they navigate between their world and that of the humans, but does it in a way that makes it read like a finely tuned mystery or thriller rather than just another paranormal story. The magical elements are woven into the story almost unobtrusively, but are nevertheless crucial parts of the plot.

An interesting premiere to what I predict will be a popular series. Four stars.


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