Review of ‘Shakedown’

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FBI Special Agent Jack Davis is investigating a drug dealer, using some rather unorthodox methods. At the same time, he’s contending with his own body’s rebellion—he frequently is subjected to violent shaking and tremors—a condition he’s trying to hide from his colleagues and his boss. When the drug dealer, his gang, and his family are slaughtered, Jack is caught off guard, and his condition comes to light, just as he suspects someone on his own team of leaking information to the bad guys. Jack then mounts his own private, and unsanctioned investigation, determined to catch the killer, but also obsessed with protecting his daughter, Wendy, who has taken up with a member of his team. His only resources are his own determination, and the help of Kate Scranton, a behavioral expert who uses micro-expressions to determine when people are being dishonest or evasive.

Shakedown by Joel Goldman is a fast-paced, thriller that explores the darkest side of life, sociological and emotional. Follow Jack and Kate as they match wits with an orderly, driven killer, who is the last person anyone would suspect, while dealing with treachery from those sworn to protect and serve.

Hard to put down once you start it, and will leave you shaking as hard as Jack when it’s all over. I received this book as a gift.

Four stars.


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