Review of ‘Brainrush’

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Jake Bronson has terminal cancer. During an MRI, there’s an earthquake, and he comes out of the chamber a changed man; with enhanced mental and physical functions that no one can explain. In Italy, terrorist Luciano Battista wants what Jake has, and is willing to kill for it. He sends unwitting Dr. Francesca Fellini, an empath, to convince Jake to cooperate in sharing the secrets of his abilities, but when that fails, he resorts to harsher methods. That is a big mistake. Jake and his friends go to war with Fellini and his goons in an action thriller that is as explosive as some of the explosive charges that detonate.

Brainrush by Richard Bard puts the thrill in thriller. Lots of technical details on weapons and tactics for those who like that kind of stuff, but it also has a lot of the personal dynamics that men and women at war experience. A nice, exciting read. I give it four stars.


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