Review of ‘Bonfire’

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When the British SIS sends a four-man team of elite soldiers into North Africa on a covert assassination mission, everything goes wrong. Their target is a dangerous Islamic extremist leader, and accompanying them is the daughter of a local moderate that the UK wants to influence. Hayes, the team leader, fights against long odds, and home-based machinations when the woman’s captured and his team comes under attack. With few allies and more than enough enemies, the team’s survival is in doubt.

Bonfire by Mark Arundel is a fast-paced thriller of secret intelligence and betrayal. Lots of technical and geographical details, but it lost a little credibility when everyone but the main character, Hayes, is given full names. In particular, the woman he’s been ‘intimate’ with should know more than ‘Mr. Hayes.’ This isn’t a deal breaker, but the story would have much better if readers knew more about the hero.

I give this one three stars.


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