Review of ‘Tuesday’s Child’

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Samantha Blair is a psychic who has been shunned and ridiculed all of her life because of her ‘gift.’ Her talent, though, is a dreadful burden in another way; she finds herself inside the mind of murder victims, experiencing their pain and death as it happens. When she reports this to the police, she meets Detective Brandt Sutherland, a no-nonsense cop who, though he has worked with psychics, only trusts what he can see. He has his doubts about Samantha, but she has details that seem to point to a serial killer he has been hunting, and when he witnesses one of her ‘visions,’ he’s convinced that she’s the real deal. Moreover, he fears that she could become a target of the killer.

Tuesday’s Child by Dale Myer is a chilling thriller that gallops at a breakneck pace as Samantha and Brandt try to identify and stop the killer before more people die. When Samantha comes to the killer’s notice due to internal police politics and bureaucratic maneuvering, the tension ratchets up to an almost unbearable level.

This story will grab your throat and hold it in a vise-like grip until the climax. It’ll literally leave you breathless.

I give it five stars.


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