Review of ‘Redemption’s Warrior’

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Set up by a crooked mechanic, Christopher Marcos is accused of smuggling drugs and consigned to Mexico’s island prison, Tres Marias. Even though imprisoned, he’s determined to gain his freedom. That determination is redoubled when he meets Juanita, the daughter of a ship’s captain providing girls for the entertainment of the exiles on Tres Marias. Drawn together by spirits that Christopher barely understands, these two young lovers plot his escape.

On the dawn of his escape, a hurricane strikes, and he believes that Juanita is lost at sea. Bereft, he nonetheless continues his plan to get away from the isolated island.

Redemption’s Warrior by Jennifer Morse is a profound tale of spiritual belief and young love, and how it prevails despite the efforts of those around them to prevent it. The author takes readers deep inside the spirit world in a story that is combines elements of the real effortlessly with the metaphysical. While it gets off to a weak start, providing information that would be better revealed later in the story, and ends with no explanation of how Juanita survived the hurricane, it is nonetheless a compelling story that is very enjoyable.

I give it three stars.


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