Review of ‘Jamie Quinn Mystery Collection Box Set Books 1 – 3’

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Jamie Quinn Mystery Collection Box Set, Books 1-3 by Barbara Venkataraman contains the first three books in the Jamie Quinn mystery series.

In Death by Didgeridoo, Jamie, a lawyer who specializes in family practice, is asked to defend her cousin, Adam, who is wrongfully accused of murder. Inexperienced in criminal law, she also has the challenge that the murder weapon, an esoteric musical instrument, belonged to Adam.  in the Case of the Killer Divorce, a bitter divorce becomes a murder case, and her client is the prime suspect. In the final story, Peril in the Park, Jamie’s boyfriend, Kip Simons, director of Broward County Parks, has problems. A vandal is taunting him by desecrating the parks, and he faces political pressure from the political power structure. Jamie comes to his rescue.

Three tales filled with mystery, humor, and pathos, with a main character you can’t help but love. The author brings the setting to lush life and runs the characters through their paces in quick time. If you like a little mirth with your mystery, you’ll really like these stories.

I give this set a combined four stars.


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