Review of ‘Nightingale Girl’

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Meg has an interesting ancestry; she’s the result of the union between an archangel and the devil’s daughter. Things aren’t going well in the Seven Kingdoms of Heaven, and in order to set them right, Meg has to leave. The problem is that she’s promised, on the life of Sparrow, an angel she’s particular fond of, that she won’t leave. Then, Sparrow starts acting strangely, and she’s faced with a choice, keep her word or lose him. Of course she chooses the most arduous, dangerous, and annoying path.

Nightingale Girl by M. R. Pritchard is fantasy, but it’s also funny. This is a book you might want to read when no one else’s around, because you might be thought a bit bonkers sitting laughing to yourself. Meg is a thoroughly loveable character, but she’s almost upstaged by Sparrow’s sister, Nightingale, a roller skate-wearing nymph who makes Meg’s life miserable when she follows her to hell uninvited.

Pritchard does a good job balancing humor and thrills—hell, it’s mostly funny—and delivering the reader a cast of characters so unbelievable that you can’t help but love them. I give this one five stars.


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