Day: July 31, 2016

Review of ‘Moondancers’

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Josh Butters is convinced that some kind of monster is haunting the pools of Beverley Hills. Moreover, he thinks the monsters are somehow connected to Lara, the beautiful girl next door that he’s fallen head over heels for. And, boy was he ever right. He soon learns that the monsters are real and deadly, and that Lara is more than just beautiful—she’s other-worldly and he’s her soul mate. The problem:  he might die trying to save her, or he might defeat the monsters and have to give up his soul.

Moondancers by E Van Lowe is a young adult thriller that even old graybeards like me can enjoy reading. It’s a fairly well-told tale of friendship, young love, magic, and adventure set against the backdrop of the not-so affluent neighborhoods of the ‘poor’ part of Beverley Hills. I found this book a pleasant diversion on a day when the temperature was reaching for triple digits and outside activity was ill-advised. Curled up in front of a fan with a cold thermos of iced tea, the time just drifted by.

I give it four stars.