Review of ‘The Passing of Each Perfect Moment’

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Nineteen-year-old college student Emily Diaz wakes up in a sterile world. Everyone she knows is gone and the landscape around her is lifeless. The human race seems to have moved on to the future without her, but a distant planet calls out to her. Suddenly, she wakes up again, and she is 120 years into her own future, awakening from cryogenic storage, where she has been since attempting suicide after the death of her father.

The Passing of Each Perfect Moment by Kenneth Preston follows Emily on her journey as she learns to deal with each moment, looking for the perfect moment, which will occur, but pass on. As Emily comes to grips with her new ‘reality,’ she must also face the truth about herself—and about humanity.

A different kind of science fiction, part Ichabod Crane, part Star Trek, completely entertaining. The technology is never fully explained, but hinted at just enough to make it almost believable, and the ending will catch you by surprise.

I give it five stars.


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