Day: July 26, 2016

Review of ‘The Summoned King’

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James Madison Young is a bright high school senior with an interest in a broad range of subjects, especially fantasy and science fiction. When he falls asleep one evening while studying in the library, he wakes up in a strange land, a land where magic is real. He’s been summoned by a wizard, Maynard, who informs that he is to become the king of Kalymbria. Not enough to blow your mind? He’s also informed that he’s to marry a commoner, Julia Roper, a girl who has undeveloped magic powers. Still not convinced this is a story you’d be interested in reading? The nobles of Kalymbria want a king who’ll just rubber stamp their decisions, but James has a mind of his own, and under Maynard’s tutelage, his mission is to reform the kingdom.

The Summoned King by David Neuendorf is a semi-humorous fantasy romp through a magical land that, absent the magic, could be almost any society that currently exists. The author does a pretty good job of merging modern technology and ways of thinking into a world where magic is not the name of a former basketball star. You don’t have to be a fan of fantasy to enjoy reading this one.

I give this one four stars.