Day: July 20, 2016

Review of ‘Burned by Magic’

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Sunaya is a hybrid, child of a shape shifter and a mage, living in a world where the application of magic is strictly limited. She’s on the trail of a serial killer, who is decimating the shape shifter population when she’s forced to demonstrate her magic in full view of witnesses, an act that could lead to her execution under the laws of Solantha. She asks permission to present her case to the chief mage, and soon finds herself a captive in his castle while he studies her. Sunaya wants to live, but she also wants to find the killer, and the only way she will be able to do both is to convince the chief mage to help her. But, in order to do that, she has to first learn to trust him.

Burned by Magic by Jasmine Watt is classified as a ‘new’ adult fantasy novel. It has more profanity than is usually found in the genre, and some sexual innuendo. In my view, that doesn’t detract from it; it makes it more entertaining. This is a fantasy world that is more believable because the characters react like feeling individuals instead of magical creatures.

I predict that with time and as the characters and plots mature, this will catch on. I give this book four stars.