Day: July 16, 2016

Review of ‘Fool Me Once’

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Maya, a former special operations pilot, home from the war, sees an impossible image on the nanny-cam in her daughter’s bedroom—her husband, brutally murdered two weeks earlier, is seen sitting on the sofa with her daughter. Concerned that she might be slipping into insanity, Maya has to deal with this in addition to the demons she brought home from the war.

Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben is a difficult to categorize story. It’s part psychological thriller, as it takes us inside Maya’s tortured mind, and part mystery, as she struggles to find out what’s going on with her ‘dead’ husband, and who killed him.

The author does a sterling job of portraying a tormented woman, dealing with the stress of war and a situation that calls her sanity into question. The ending, played out over the last few chapters, comes at the reader like a commando raid, with unexpected twists and turns that will make you skip back to see if you missed some vital clue. Trust me when I say, you’ll conclude that there’s no way you saw it coming.

One thing’s for sure; this is a book you’ll love. I received it as a gift. Thank you to the kind soul who gave it to me.

I give it five stars.