Day: July 9, 2016

Review of ‘Snow Burn’

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Burned out ex-NYPD detective Thomas Blume is still in London looking for the murderers of his family. He has finally, thanks to the efforts of his friend Amir, established himself as a PI. He gets a case involving finding a hacker who has some secrets that the government would like to recover. Blume searches; and the bodies start to pile up. He’s soon awash in people wanting to do him harm, and forced to team up with an unlikely ally. Even more disturbing, he starts to get bad vibes from Amir, his best friend.

Snow Burn continues P.T. Reade’s series about a man whose tragedy has dumped him into the sewer, and it’s not at all certain that he has the will to pull himself out. On-the-mark dialogue and descriptions so spot-on you can smell the stench from the gutter.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review. I give it four stars.