Day: July 8, 2016

Review of ‘The Girl With No Past’

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Leah Mills wants to forget about her past. For nearly 14 years, she’s lived the life of a fugitive; no friends and no anchor, until she meets Julian. Can her life change? She dares hope so, until on the 14th anniversary of a terrible incident from her past she receives a note that says, someone knows what happened, and that someone will not rest until Leah is destroyed.

The Girl with No Past by Kathryn Croft is a chilling thriller of redemption, stalking, and suspense, as Leah struggles to live with what happened while trying to find the identity of her mysterious stalker. The author keeps readers on the hook until the very end, both in terms of Leah’s stalker, and the truth about her past, making it all the more chilling when both are finally revealed. Reading this book, you’re likely to find yourself holding your breath as you read, and letting it out in an explosive rush when the facts are revealed.

I received this book as a gift. It’s a keeper. I give it five stars.

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