Day: July 4, 2016

Review of ‘Oliver and Jumpy, 46-48’

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Oliver, the elegant tom cat who is full of himself, is back, along with his friend, Jumpy the Kangaroo. In these three stories, Oliver saves the kingdom of Fairyland from a rampaging wizard, becomes a king who is overthrown by his subjects when he eats the wrong food, and is helped to get his treehouse all neat and tidy by a family of bee gnomes looking for a new home for themselves.

Oliver and Jumpy- the Cat Series, Stories 46 – 48 by Werner Stejskal is another trio of amusing little stories for bedtime reading to your favorite munchkins. Along with the interesting story lines and cute illustrations, each story contains a subtly-delivered moral. Your little ones will be amused and entertained by Oliver’s shenanigans.

I give this book four stars.