Day: June 28, 2016

Review of ‘Hard Fall’

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Thomas Blume was an up and coming NYPD cop, until his wife and son were murdered in London. Now, burned out, Blume is working in London as an off-the-books PI while he searches for their killer. When he stumbles across a case that has the London cops baffled, he finds himself hip-deep in criminals, thugs, and corrupt officials, and someone’s willing to kill to keep him from solving the case.

Hard Fall by P. T. Reade is a new entry in the hard-boiled, noir mystery fiction, reminiscent of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer series, but Blume’s no Mike Hammer. He has problems keeping his mind on his case and his lips off the booze, but somehow, he has to pull it together or he’s a dead man. In this riveting story, even the weather’s villainous. Follow along as Blume stumbles his way to finding a killer—if you dare.

I give Reade four stars for this one, and look forward to Blume’s further misadventures.